massaging head of black woman

Each session begins…

with discussing your aches, pains, and physical or mental stresses, as well as your medical history and previous massage experience.

Each session ends…

with a wind down chat where Blossom will answer your questions and offer her insights on how you can work with posture, where you’re carrying tension, and what may help to alleviate the unease. Blossom will welcome your feedback and may also introduce you to some stretches.

In between…

soreness and stiffness melt away with Blossom’s skillful and healing hands, on an extra-wide, well-cushioned table, and toasty towels rotated through your massage, to the soothing sound of ocean waves, along with your choice of scented or unscented hypoallergenic creams.


Benefits of a Blossom massage.

Special help for repetitive stress and other injuries.

Whether you sustained an injury from trauma or repetitive stress, Blossom will help relieve your pain through skilled medical massage and alignment education to allow your body to heal naturally.

Dayna Blossom can assist you to understand which repetitive movement or habitual body posture is causing your pain. Through the Alexander Technique she’ll show you how to correct your posture and movement, allowing your body to release and heal itself naturally.

Healer of other stresses related to work.

Sitting at the computer for hours on end and building up tension in your neck and shoulders? Do you stand on your feet all day? Do you travel for work? Lots of travel and flying for a living, and just living life, can cause stress and injury and also weaken your immune system. Blossom works with you to de-stress the body and mind. Medical and injury massage therapies are also offered by Dayna Blossom.

Relaxing massage therapy.

With long work days and any kind of stressful situation, you can benefit from a massage session. The goal is relaxation and the result is rejuvenation and a boosted immune system leaving you feeling like a new person.


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